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The Dragon Outside, Part 1

The cold, morning air felt like a godsend to Naima after having almost melted in the over-heated house. Her mother was anemic and always needed the heat to be on a few degrees higher than normal. She loved her mother and would live in a one-thousand degree home if that’s what was necessary for her … Continue reading The Dragon Outside, Part 1

Day 10 – Growing Up

One day you’ll wake up and realize that there is more weight on your shoulders than they ever told you there’d be. If you’re someone like me you’ll grin and bear it for a while. You’ll walk around in the world lonelier than a man who’s six feet under, surrounded by people who love you, … Continue reading Day 10 – Growing Up

Day 9 – Inanna

Orange tabby, they call her, But I call her Sweets.Round bell on her collar Don’t mess with her treats.