I’m Aminah Jamil. I write.

The decision to write my ‘About’ section in first or third person is always a hard one. As always, I’ll go with first because third person tends to sound a bit pretentious. About me. Hm. It gets more difficult every time I find myself writing a new one of these, but here go some of the important points: I created this website because I’ve decided to rekindle my romance with writing like I’ve never done before.

A writer at heart, just about everything I do centers around writing. Even when I was heavily into web development and solutions architecture, I’d spend quite a bit of time writing about my creations, desiring to make sure that what I was writing was as coherent as what I was building or giving guidance about.

Now that I’m moving slightly away from the tech world (I still dabble in iOS and web development), I’ve found that if I don’t write I will probably die sooner rather than later, so it is a matter of life or death that I am here. It seems that the universe is offering me the ability, means, and outlet to write, and so that is what I will continue to do.

Beyond writing, which is what this blog is about, I am a life/self-empowerment coach, music producer, blogger, amateur iOS developer, hiker, runner, and probably much more that I’ll think of when I’m not sitting here at this desk.

I write about the experience of love, ways that I hope to experience love, ways that I have experienced love, familial relationships, friendships, strangerships, having faith in the unseen forces of the universe, hope amidst the darkness of despair, silver linings, and the journey to becoming self-aware.

My favorite things are Korean Dramas, Korean and Japanese food, medicinal mushrooms (think Lion’s Mane – non-psychoactive, though I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with psychoactive when used responsibly), checking off to-do lists, mountains, sunsets, the spirit realm, plants, traveling, and Haruki Murakami.

Thank you for being here.

∞ Aminah Jamil