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A Little Less Square, a Little More Round

Lately I’ve been feeling rather soft, like some kind of pillow full of fluffy stuff. Maybe more like the fluffy stuff than the pillow itself. That softness has become the core, the foundation, the essence of who I am. Or have I become the softness? Have you ever shifted into a consistent state of being, […]

A Few Words on Meditation

Meditation makes me feel fresh, like a newly picked mango or tart juice from a thick lime. Sometimes meditation makes me feel like white sheets drying on the clothes line in a cool breeze. That is all. – Aminah Jamil

Career Change, Website, and Medium

Hello my friends. This will be a quick and straight-to-the-point post. I recently began posting on Medium, which I am enjoying very much! The platform, the ease of use, the community, and much more has me hooked. My most recent post is here, if you’d like to take a gander: Embrace the Pivot: How to […]

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