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I Just Moved to Albania

Welcome to Albania It’s been two days since I arrived in Albania. I’m still quite a bit jet lagged and all that, but I’m mostly happy to be here. Anxiety was beginning to take over my life back in America, so much so that it was becoming harder and harder to focus on the things … Continue reading I Just Moved to Albania

Sleepless in Phoenix

Today is the big day: my permanent overseas move. I’m hesitant to write the exact location until I’m actually there. Perhaps a little bit of childhood jinx residue left over from past disappointments. I’m supposed to be up in 2 hours, but I can’t sleep. The majority of yesterday was spent running errands and clearing … Continue reading Sleepless in Phoenix

Tomorrow I’m Leaving

Right now it’s 8:14am PST and I just finished meditating. It’s either overcast or there’s a haze of really bad air hovering over the south Phoenix mountains. I’m sitting here, paralyzed, because I still have quite a bit to pack and quite a few errands to run while I still have my car. Tomorrow I’m … Continue reading Tomorrow I’m Leaving

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