Sunday Mornings at the Coffee Shop

Today I decided to stop messing around and create this blog, because if I didn't start it today, I would have kept on putting it off. That's not fair to me or to you, whoever you are reading this right now.
This blog was created mostly for me to lay my thoughts out in a somewhat coherent fashion, in a public diary of sorts (don't say 'sort', Aminah is sensitive because she can't seem to call 'sort' on the Array and it's killing her productivity)...anyway, hopefully a side effect of this public diary will be that other humans (or non-humans who can read English) will find inspiration or something from these words of mine.
There's so much I want to tell you, but I'm extremely swamped with stuff for this code boot camp I stumbled into one sweltering day in June.
Before I go, I wanted to just let you in on the kind of stuff you'll read in this blog. You'll read about, (or have access to media of/from) the following, including but not limited to:

*Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice
*Lifestyle stuff
*My thoughts and feelings about things
*Grief, mourning, and being this new person after the death of a loved one (don't read this stuff if you don't want to cry. Fair warning)
I also have a technical coding blog that I'll be updating somewhat regularly that I will attempt to keep pretty dry (meaning less feelings, more code) at Aminah the Dev.
The next post will be "What I Wish I Knew Going into BJJ", so stay tuned, okay? RSS this or something, because I promise you'll always be entertained.
Okay, talk to you soon.
♥ AJ